Transition to Facebook & Instagram

Hello lovely friends,

It's been almost 6 years, and we are truly blessed with customers and friends like all of you.

While I would love to update the blog regularly, it seems impossible, especially when Facebook & Instagram are in trend. I tried to cope up with the latest trend, and frankly, updating 3 social media at once is pretty tiring. Especially for a non tech savvy like me :D

As some of you might know, Sooyaree's Closet today won't exist without the help of my late sister, Shakila. She was the one who helped me to regulate this blog, and to scout for deals that we can deliver to you. Since she was gone in July 2012, my other sister, Shalina took over. I never imagined her to do so, but for our customers, she learned that MK stands for Michael Kors :D

After some thinking, I want to announce that we will use FB Page, (FB Page: Sooyaree's Closet) as our main medium. You will find all the special order items, and preloved section to be there. 

As for Instagram (IG: sooyareeusa), we will only post ready stock items, and maybe preloved items. If you do not have either account, you can always use Webstagram to view our Instagram page from web.

This might take a while, and we really appreciate your patience and continuous support.

Please let us know what you think, and if problems occurred during this transition.

Thank you!


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